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And on the third day, he made the easter bunny, I unavoidably ducked into the mall today to pick up some medication.. Amongst the hustle and bustle were angry parents snapping at their children for being inquisitive, lethargic and bitter shop assistants who had clearly not been given enough money for what they were being put through, and.. Lastly.. What supprised me the most: An old man coming down a set of stairs.. I was smothered to the right hand side of the staircase by a flock of sugarhappy kids and their wayward parents, and a man walking down toward me who was in.. oh say his mid 60's? he snapped at me .. "Everybody knows you should keep to the left hand side" mumble mumble mumble.. people watched.. o_0

Unaffected by the verbal wrath of a complete stranger i though to myself, why do we do this every year?
The hostility among everyone is tragic.. im not a religious person at all, quite the opposite.. And perhaps this is why i cant grasp the significance of cadbury's influence on the death of christ.. I made my way out of a bookstore and eventually the mall, feeling as though i'd peered into a cesspool of humanity and was lucky to still have my shirt on..

Dont get me wrong, i dont like to be around people during the other 364 days of the year!
Holidays specifically though, seem to amplify the shallowness of our species..

Using gifts to symbolise love just doesn't seem so special anymore
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And perhaps this is why i cant grasp the significance of cadbury's influence on the death of christ..

random fact, easter is actually the christian recreation of the Pagan holiday Ostart, which celebrated the fertility goddess Eostra. The bunny is a symbol of fertility, when the christians took over the Pagan lands they changed all of our holidays to go along with the christian beliefs.
that's where the easter bunny comes from.
But that doesn't explain why people are assholes, maybe it's just that time of the month again for everyone.
That’s really interesting about the hijacking of pagan culture by more domineering religions.. I’ve read some about different aspects of religion (mainly Buddhism) and how they are, in large part influenced by these really basic ancient faiths..


though yes.. we still haven’t established what crawls up everyone’s ass and starts scratching around at this time of year.. therefore im suggesting that its a wiccan curse cast upon future Christians who stole their fertility god and made it edible.. :)