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All straight lines circle sometimes

I don't trust any of you monkeys

When I look out the window, and contemplate leaving my apartment, a familiar dread hits me in the pit of the stomach: they are out there.

Who are they? They're you: all of the members of society who perpetuate this system, probably while patting themselves on the back for "doing the right thing" (deluded) or for not taking it seriously, and getting out while they're ahead (cynical). There's not much hope in the civilization humanity once founded to deliver us from the tedium of individually forging our way in the wilderness.

Oh, there's nothing wrong it it, wail the people who'd like to think they're "tolerant" or "open-minded." Let people live, eh? That's well and good until you realize that in a society, we're no longer individuals; we are part of a collective effort, and thus, politically influence one another. So someone else's "just making do" effects me in that they by NOT acting against the system, support its continued jurisdiction over all of us - including me.

And more importantly, they seem to believe the endless human propaganda which is generated to convince us that we're evolved, intelligent, post-animal beings who live in a technological wonderland that is for its own material advancement superior to all other civilizations. Ever. We're told daily about how moral our society is, how we always "do the right thing," and how we are advancing as a species. Sure, there's tons of coverage of the negative, and it always makes news, but no one ever seems to speak the truth: that our negativity comes from the same root ideas we support in our "positive" society.

And so together, this "happy family" goes on and ignores the problems underneath all of its assumptions. Think your coworkers are balanced? Then how come at least 12% of them are downloading porn at the office? Maybe you believe that society always acts in our best interests. The recent spate of rescinded death penalty convictions should convince you otherwise. Government, benevolent? Name a politician without a scandal, and remember: these are the scandals that weren't important enough to be fully hidden. Trust the intentions of NATO, the UN and the superpower United States abroad? Then what about the massacres in Iran, the vassal states which hide human rights abuses, the genocides condoned by the occupiers, and the ongoing discovery of worldwide spy systems that listen in on every phone call?

Maybe you even actually believe humans are all "sane," or that only a select few are "insane." Why is suicide the eighth leading cause of death in industrialized nations? If that's a fluke, why is it that for most people maintaining basic concentration to execute tasks on their own - independent of job, social, legal or familial prompting - is impossible? Why do so many people proudly declare that the law keeps them in line? And if we're all sane, why do we have so many laws and so many people violating them at every level of society?

Out come the traditional defenses. A few bad apples. The devil made them do it. Must be the negroes. Whatever. I know that you know as well as anyone else that the truth is humanity hasn't made it as far along the evolutionary ladder as we like to pretend. Each day, many of us dump toxic waste in rivers, murder others, destroy ancient cultures, use each other for sex or other physical power exchange, and although we crucify the ones we catch, the truth is more sudden: they are only acting out the values of society itself, albeit in ways for which one should not get caught. Crime is bad? Material gain is a stated social goal. These people are heroes; they're getting "ahead"!

You think the environmental damage that's so widespread that over 50% of the breathing spaces of American cities and the ocean areas accessable to the public considered too toxic for human use, is accidental? Nope - they're "getting ahead," too. Since at every turn society will take from them the money they earn, they see no reason why not to retaliate - which of course furthers the simian cycle of our behavior, where those in power maintain their power is necessary by pointing at the others fighting, much as they did to come into power, claiming that as a result we need more authority above us. We're sick of each other as citizens; all we see are more faces trying to take our money with scam, with law, with deceptive or defective products. We hate the intrusions of our neighbors, and so pay to run to the suburbs. There is no future in this.

Our sickness is, that on a basic level, we have not defined values as something we value. We haven't wanted to design civilization, but would rather it sprung up as someone else's decision - and in the meantime, I don't know about you, Buddy, but I'm going to make my pile and get out because just between you and me... and I mean don't repeat this... I think they're all insane. Just as to us the chaos and lack of forward direction to a troupe of monkeys seems ludicrous and backward, from a larger perspective our tribe and that of the monkeys are an indistinguishable continuum of physical control. The simian ancestors who gave us shape also give us models of physical control, as a human ethology class teaches directly. But humans, with their "higher" intellectual functions, look at that truth and translate it into: we are all creatures of manipulation, and there is no hope trying for a higher state.

As a result, our society sinks further into its own hopelessness as our technology replaces any values we have with servitude and commerce. Our negativity breeds on itself, using itself as its proof. Does anyone want out of this? Well, we all do... until we consider that we and our families will be at risk. Don't rock the boat - you might not eat! Is this really the level of coercion at which we're stuck? Judging by the news, it seems that way. In the name of "tolerance" individuals and nations are persecuted, where once they were persecuted in the name of intolerance. A sick joke is what it is, and all of you submissive, accepting and "just normal" people are as guilty as the most blood-drenched tyrant for perpetuating it.

It's time to wake up. As Generation X looks at the future, many of us become violent. Not because we believe in violence, but because we understand time, and know that at the pace of previous generations the changes we need in order to live fulfilled lives will not take place. So increasingly, intelligent and otherwise successful individuals take their own lives and those of others in a terrified reaction to the abyss which can not be mentioned - in polite society, it doesn't exist, see - and therefore has no hope of ever being cured. Don't believe? Keep going to your job, and remember that 2000 years ago, the promise of society was that you would work less than the 3-5 hours daily needed to scavenge and raise food. Feel stupid yet? YOU ARE.

-Gus Stevens
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